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Friday, August 5, 2011

Serif vs. Sans Serif

There are pros and cons to both but certainly worth considering.  Let’s explore what each is first.  Serif refers to the little tiny lines that come off of the very edge of a typeface.  For example if you look at a “T” in Times Roman you will see the strong cross on the top of the “T” and if you enlarged you could also see these little appendages that come off of each end of that cross.  Sans Serif is easy to remember it is NOT Serif.  Which of course we can guess means it does not have the little tiny appendages coming off the end of the letters.  These terms are used with any type foundry and it is reflecting the style of type.
What does this mean to your type selection?  Depending on color choice and complexity of design the Serif could get lost and make the overall design harder to read; likewise there are times the little appendages can lead the eye to the next letter making it easier to read.  My suggestion is to try both and see which one is more legible in your design.  Remember the trial and error should be worked through in production instead of publicly in the actual publication of your creative.

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