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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

eBook Sales

How exciting books are starting to sell!  In case you missed it check out the latest book for sale Your New Business Logo it outlines how to create a logo in an easy to follow ebook guide using Adobe Illustrator. It is for sale on Amazon and Smashwords. 

It is kind of funny after spending months writing and rewriting an ebook like this you would think the hard work is done once you post it.  WRONG!!!  The job is just starting.  Really getting the book posted was a job in itself. 

Being a designer I first took the text into InDesign so I could do a pretty layout. Sadly this is not appropriate for an ebook format.  After reading through all Amazon had to say about publishing on their site I reformatted the entire book in html, thinking I would still be able to retain some formatting.  When I saw the book after uploading that was not the case. It put images anywhere it wanted, which being an instructional ebook kind of messed things up.  Not to mention when I went to upload to Smashwords I found they only accept .doc format. 

So I reformatted again all in Word.  I have to admit it did adapt to digital formats nicely.  Unfortunately Smashwords still said my book had errors and could not be in the Premium catalog, which I wanted. I reformatted for now the fourth time. This time did do the trick.  Ok,on to marketing!  BTW, thanks for buying my book.

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