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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free Open Source CMS that can be used for anything from a blog platforms to an enterprise application.  Drupal has been around for a while and at one point was a highly regarded resource.  Better solutions began hitting the net and Drupal did not maintain earlier standards which set them back.  Now with a resurge into the market Drupal is competing with top Open Source CMS offering a robust array of core features and an incredible add-on library for site customization.

Drupal has several standard content types. The default content types are Article and Basic Page but you can create additional content types for Blog Entry, Book Page, Comment, Forum and Poll.  By categorizing content types Drupal is able to organize data appropriately.  There are also modules that can be added on to customize a site for your needs.  Modules for shopping carts, embedding media, advanced navigation, and email integration can be loaded on to the core structure.  In addition modules can be added to integrate additional resources like AJAX, jQuery, and JavaScript.

Drupal themes can install seamlessly after you build a theme or download a template theme.   Whatever method you use make sure your theme is built for the version of Drupal you have installed on your hosting server. If you are downloading a template extract all the files so you can work with them.  FTP files to your hosting server placing them in a themes folder.  Once all has loaded you need to enable the theme.  Go to administrator, site building and then themes, check the ‘enabled’ box next to the theme you wish to apply.  Remember to click ‘Save Configuration’ button once you have enabled the theme. Viola!

If you think Drupal is the right fit for your business it is usually easy to install on to your server, with most hosts offering one click installation.  Then you can create a custom theme or save the frustration by downloading a template to use.  Check out http://www.website-templates-store.com/search.html?type=26 for great template themes.

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