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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting your business online!

So far I have been sharing info about design and print and I have tried to scale it down so anyone could understand it. I am going to move it all further in to address your website presence.  There is so much to talk about so I will probably stay on this topic for the rest of the year, unless I find something good I have to share.
I am going to do a series on CMS or Content Management Systems.  If you are not a programmer then you will want to pay attention since a CMS allows a nonprogrammer to manage their page content. I am going to touch on a few different types of CMS some I am more familiar with than others but will try to offer links to help you dive in deeper if you have an interest.

I want to go over some keywords that you will find in my upcoming posts.
CMS – Content Management System - A CMS is capable of managing all of your data whether it is sitting in a database or being posted for public consumption it has a structure in place to easily determine what data goes where.  To put it into perspective it is like installing an application on to your web server.  This application will hold all of your files, functionality, and even template designs.  A developer would install the CMS on to your hosting service and upload the theme.  There is a user friendly interface allowing designated content areas to be edited.  There are a lot of CMS out there just a few examples are Joomla, Drupal & Magento.

Open Source - In simple terms Open Source is a nonprofit development community.  Instead of a for profit company it is comprised of nonprofit developers from a vast arena of expertise that add to the development and improvements of their perspective software.  PHP is a form of Open Source code that is widely used.

Check back next week for info about Joomla, the first CMS we are going to dive into.

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