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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Business Card Inspiration

Business cards can be dropped easily and can be saved in a holder or scanned into a digital file.  Regardless how you share them every member of your business should have one. You never know where your next sale can come from so arm your team to be walking billboards for your business.  If you think about it there is no cheaper way to have a printed branded element for your business that you can actually leave anywhere.

To read more about designing your own business card check out Your New Business Card to learn how.  This ebook will walk you through building your own custom business card, going over types of cards as well as coordinating business stationary in Adobe Illustrator.

The hardest part about starting any creative project is getting that vision of how you want your card to look.  As technology has gotten more advanced business card designs have become more diverse.  The approach you take depends on your type of business, budget and expected use.

Researching what your competitors are doing can be a great source of inspiration.  Really anything you can take in could spike an idea to the direction you might like to take with your card design.  

I found some great links that might help inspire your business card design:

Of course some of these examples might be a little over the top but they sure get the ideas flowing.  I mentioned in the book and will reiterate that sticking with a standard sized business card is the best route to take since it is more cost effective to have printed and it will fit in a standard sized business card holder, which means it won’t get lost. Remember the point of your card, it might be just having you customers find you easily so making a card to accommodate that is priority.

Next week we will look at business stationary examples.

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